The Presence

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Mold of the Presence sculpture Kickstarter reward.

The Presence is the main antagonist of Perception. It is an entity that haunts the Estate at Echo Bluff and hunts Cassie. The Presence can be compared to walrider in Outlast.When ever the Presence is around the player( player being unspotted) the game screen turns from blue to red. A good way to detect presence of the Presence.To stay safe player must find a good hiding spot that can be underneath a bed, behind curtains , big box or an oval shaped capsule that spwans sometimes. Once the player gets spotted by the Presence , it gives a good chase. Try to run to different rooms to shake it off. Hide in a safe place until the Presence leaves the area and the game screen turns back blue. Never hide while it is right behind you. It will get your location.

The Presence can only be terminated at the end of the game.